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The Best Book in Town® is the premiere discount publication in Metro-Memphis. It is used by schools, churches and other non-profit groups to raise funds. At the same time, being represented in the Book helps restaurants, attractions and local merchants build their businesses with NO COST advertising.

By advertising in The Best Book in Town®, you are not only helping to support some of the most worthy non-profit organizations in our community, but you are taking advantage of a highly efficient form of advertising. Your advertisement will do the following:

  • Bring new people to you who frequently become repeat customers
  • Encourage customers to try more expensive items
  • Increase word of mouth advertising, as new customers tell their friends about your business
  • Fill your establishment with customers, providing the public with the assurance of a well-frequented business
  • Raise employee morale, resulting in less turnover
  • Provide an ongoing reminder to customers to come back, since your ad stub with your logo and selling points remains in the Book even after your offer is redeemed…unlike newspaper ads that are thrown away or radio commercials that are forgotten.

Best of all…you MAKE MORE MONEY!!!!

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