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...Is The Best Fundraiser in Town!

Since 1980, The Best Value in Entertainment Discounts...
The One That Gets Used More Often.

  • Best Price!  At an affordable $22, your group will sell more Books and make a lot more money.
  • Hundreds of 2-for-the-price-of-1 ads, plus a Special Savings Section with exciting merchant discounts.
  • Thousands of dollars in savings to the most popular dining, entertainment, and sports.
  • All ads are for Metro-Memphis businesses… we don’t include “national” ads that can be printed free off the internet.
  • Ads are valid longer...up to 18 months.
  • Our Book gets used more often… easy to take along… fits in pocket or purse.
  • Acceptance of each ad is guaranteed or it will be replaced free.
  • Best Way To Do Business!  The only Area discount publication used for fundraising that is locally owned and operated…for the support and service you deserve…and to boost the local economy.

Consider This

Does your current fundraiser save your supporters money? The Best Book in Town® provides family entertainment at great savings. It pays for itself after 1 or 2 uses.  Your supporters will remember you, and they will be glad to hear from you next year!

The Best Book in Town® has helped Metro-Memphis groups raise funds since 1980! 

More Features:

  • Sell Books for $22/Book--Your Profit $11 to $13 per Book for every Book sold.
  • Best Incentives!  We give generous cash incentives and bonus Books…and we customize prizes for your volunteers.
  • Best Terms!  No Upfront Cost: Books are on consignment… No Risk: return unsold Books.
  • Best Service/Support!  Books available the day you want them… support material, signage and displays to make your job easier.
  • Get credit for sales after your fundraiser is completed…just tell your supporters to purchase at the Best Book website, and enter your group's name and unique code. Profits from these sales are sent to your group.

Profit/Incentive Structure

Organizations sell Books for $22 and earn profit from Book #1 as follows:

  • Up to 1,000 Books: $11 for EVERY Book sold
  • 1,000 to 3,000 Books: $12 for EVERY Book sold
  • Over 3,000 Books: $13 for EVERY Book sold

Bonus Books

Fundraising organizations earn one free Book with every five Books sold. Bonus Books are calculated after unsold Books are returned and payment is made for Books that have been sold. Bonus Books are not deducted from number of Books sold when calculating amount due from the fundraising organization. Optionally, bonus Books can be used to offset lost or damaged Books (20% allowance).

Cash Incentives or Prizes From Our Catalog

Based on the following performance levels, cash prizes will be awarded. Prizes can be used to reward individuals, school classes or in any way deemed appropriate.

  • Sales of between 200 and 399 Books: $100
  • Sales of between 400 and 599 Books: $150
  • Sales of between 600 and 799 Books: $200
  • Sales of between 800 and 999 Books: $250
  • Sales of between 1,000 and 1,099 Books: $300

Cash prizes increase by $50 per additional 200 Books sold

For more information please contact us by phone: (901)818-3818 or email us: